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Order Desk Pro
This is the Official Site for Order Desk Pro! 

Order Desk Pro is your total software package designed to help you run your Internet, Direct Mail, or Mail Order Fulfillment Business. It is simple and affordable for small or medium sized businesses, the entrepreneur, or home based business with an upgrade path to Order Desk Xpert for larger businesses. It is perfect for processing web-site sales in addition to traditional direct mail or mail order sales.  

Order Desk Pro includes complete order entry, order tracking, mailing list management, customer database management, inventory control, inventory management, inventory tracking, advertising tracking, and much more. Some of the features our Internet, Direct Mail and Mail Order business users appreciate so much are the ease of use and the ability to customize Order Desk Pro for their own order and inventory based business. Take a look at the features in Order Desk Pro V3 now!    

Order Desk Pro is available at a much more affordable price than any comparable system. Your total ODP software cost is only $300 for one, two or even more order entry workstations! See how affordable it can be!  

ANNOUNCING: Order Desk Pro Version 3 is now available!

The new and expanded system you have been waiting for is now available! Version 3 includes all of the features and functions of the original Order Desk Pro system and more! Take a look at this:
  • New Features in Order Desk Pro Version 3
    • New Company Setup form to enter your company name and address information, which will then automatically appear on invoices and as your return address on shipping labels and envelopes.  
    • Multiple Price Levels lets you assign a customer to a price level and then automatically fill in the correct price when entering products on an order. This will eliminate pricing errors and speed up order entry. 
    • Quotes can now be created using the Order Entry system without affecting your sales performance reports.  
    • Product Back Orders and multiple shipments per order are now supported. New reports make it easy to locate orders waiting for a product to be received.  
    • Pick Tickets will list the current product quantities to be shipped, without the prices showing. These documents can also be used as packing slips!  
    • View Product Information "Pop-Up" during Order Entry including inventory levels and an optional picture! This will help you answer customer questions, cross-sell related products, and complete orders more quickly. 

  • Enhancements to the Customer View:  
    • New Fields have been added for default payment information, mailing list "opt in/out", and price level selection.  
    • Dial or Email your customer directly from the system.  
    • Ordered Item History is now available directly from the Customer View.  
    • Find a Customer will present you with a list of matches when more than one customer matches your search criteria. And you can now search for a customer using the customer's Item History information! 

  • Enhancements to the Order Entry Process:
    • Look up an order or quote directly, without first finding the customer. 
    • Find an Order will present you with a list of matches when more than one order matches your search criteria. 
    • New fields to help in the Order Entry process include Order Status (Invoiced, Shipped, Cancelled, On hold, or Quote), Shipper Tracking Number, Ship Phone, Total Weight, Discount, and Tax Override Amount. 
    • Shipping is Taxed is now an option on each order. 

  • Other Enhancements:
    • New and Improved Reports to support the new features and make them easier to run. 
    • Redesigned "Add, Adjust Inventory" process shows you the history of past adjustments and current status onhand, reserved for quotes, and on order. 
    • Customized Menus thruout the program remove unnecessary options, simplify user training and make the system even easier to use. 
    • Enhanced Documentation expands the User Reference Guide and adds an Installation Guide, Support Guide, and Design Guide. This more than doubles the documentation provided! 
Click here to see the features in Order Desk Pro Version 3